Baby Yoga is a great way to have fun with your baby! Yoga helps to strengthen your babies muscles and bones and stimulates the development of coordination and sensory motor skills. Yoga can encourage the move from reflexive, uncontrolled movements to controlled, voluntary movements. Baby yoga provides your baby with a whole new view on the world, one that is different to sitting in their car seat, pram or playing on the floor.

Because gentle stretches and exercises for parents are included in the routines baby yoga is an ideal way for Mums to start their post baby exercise routine!!

Baby Yoga is suitable for all babies from after their 6/8 week check to when they get too heavy to comfortably carry around. No previous yoga experience is necessary - the classes include yoga for parent, for baby and moves done together. A relaxation / quiet time is also included.

Classes run over a half term with the programme developing week on week. Over the weeks you will learn a whole routine of exercises, postures and songs.

Sutiable from crawling to preschool, toddler yoga classes are especially designed to stimulate, entertain and challenge your toddler. Classes combine developmentally appropriate yoga based moves with storytelling and songs. Puppets, bean bags and ribbons are all used to encourage the children to express themselves. A relaxation / quiet time is included in each class. Each session ends with the chance for the children to explore treasure baskets, whilst parents have refreshments and a chat.

Classes last about an hour and run during term times. Classes cost £35 per half term.